Providing Solutions for business in financial distress

Formal Appointments

We take a holistic approach to fully understanding your situation and will only recommend a particular option if we believe it’s the best option for you and your business’ stakeholders. We will apply our experience and develop a strategy to suit the needs of each different situation.

Our goal at TI Group is to develop strategies individually tailored to suit the needs of each unique situation and provide you with trusted advice that maximises the chances of a business continuing in existence.  Often, such advice may involve a formal insolvency process which can provide a certain amount of protection for the business and relieving financial pressure from business owners.

At TI Group, we specialise in formal insolvency procedures. These include:

  • Voluntary Administrations
  • Deeds of Company Arrangement
  • Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidations
  • Official Liquidations
  • Member’s Voluntary Liquidations
  • Provisional Liquidations
  • Receiverships

Informal Advice

I am not Insolvent. Why speak to an Insolvency Practitioner?

  1. Informal -solutions based advice

There are times when formal insolvency appointments may not be appropriate given the current circumstances.  Our experience and extensive network of contacts allow us to offer solutions that may not otherwise have been considered.

Whether it is a stop gap solution to temporary cashflow issues or more extensive endemic problems, we are able to step you through strategies designed to maximises the returns to stakeholders and save your business.

Seeking early advice may avoid catastrophic adverse financial situations. Feel free to call us and discuss your situation on a confidential basis.

  1. General Business Advice and Assistance

Your business is doing great. Excellent, why not make contact with us to discuss:

a)      General Business Advice – we deal with a lot of different businesses in varying industries. A part of our role during formal appointments is to investigate reasons for failure. Occasionally, we see a spate of insolvencies in particular industries. Why not contact us to discuss such trends and avoid those issues?

b)      Business acquisitions –we network with a lot of insolvency practitioners who are often looking to sell underperforming businesses. Why not express your interest to pick up a bargain?;

c)       Refinance Options – your current financier has declined you refinance. Why not see if we can introduce you to alternate financiers;

d)      Business Assets – looking to acquire assets to support or expand existing business operations? Why not ask if we

e)      Network – we network with a range of financial services and offerings. If we are not able to assist or support your current circumstances, we may be able to introduce you to other experienced trusted advisors that will provide you with the assistance you need.

f)       Creditor Support – in the event that your major debtor goes broke, you can be placed into a difficult position. Furthermore, you may not understand your rights, obligations or what needs to occur to get your money back. We may be able to assist you during this process.

g)      Preferences – we may be able to advise you on avoiding preference demands or review your situation in the event that you receive a demand.

 Being armed with knowledge and potential outcomes may maximise your business opportunities.

The Director at TI Group is a qualified accountant regulated by the CPA, ASIC and ARITA. Accordingly, the advice you receive will be genuine.