Providing Solutions for business in financial distress

About TI Group

TI Group is a business turnaround and Insolvency practice providing clear solutions to those in financial distress. The practice operates on the overriding principles of professionalism, openness and integrity.

Whether working alone or in close consultation with the businesses existing advisors, we make sure that the solution is the most appropriate and matches the aspirations of other stakeholders as closely as possible.

TI Group are specialists in Turnaround and Insolvency (TI) matters. In fact, this is all we do. Accordingly, our advice is committed to ensuring that the course required to be taken to manage your financial circumstances is the right one.

The solutions to financial distress are as diverse as the symptoms. We offer a confidential no-obligation initial consultation to obtain a holistic view of your business and situation. We will only recommend a course of action if we believe it’s the best and most sustainable option for you. This ensures that you receive the right advice delivering the best outcome.